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Hello! My name is Madeline, though I also go by Artemisia, or Art, online!
Long story short: I love books, mythology, psychology, Doctor Who, Sherlock, superheroes, animals of all kinds, science, puns, funny things, serious things, just...geekery. I am a geek and I am damn proud of it! If you are a fellow geek, feel free to follow me (I typically check out whoever follows me, usually resulting in me following them. Haha) Also, if you ever need advice, even though you have no idea who I am (or even if you do, you can put forth your situation as an anon or something) I am happy to help. I seem to give rather good advice, from what I've been told.
Anywho, have a wonderful day! Thank you for visiting my blog!

I’m not the only one who would consider that, right? 

  • 18 September 2013
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